Quit Smoking

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The New Hypnosis Smoke Free Program is a revolutionary five stage process to help you kick the habit for good. The saying really is true, you are the master of you own destiny. You are in control of how and when you interact with the program, allowing you to go at your own pace so you can weave it into your busy schedule; there are no excuses. The all-inclusive program is designed to be easy and simple to follow. The carefully constructed recordings, combined with a few small tasks to undertake and your determination, will help you end your relationship with cigarettes. You’re already on your way! Take a look at the five steps to a smoke-free life:

Stage 1: This recording introduces you to guided relaxation and puts you in the right mindset to begin the process of overcoming tobacco dependency and addiction. Motivation to change your lifestyle choices is key, and during this stage we will build the foundations you need to stay motivated and focused throughout your journey.

Stage 2: Triggers that usually cause you to light up, such as the stresses of work or study, will no doubt arise during this process, and temptation is a hard beast to tame. This stage is designed to help you identify those triggers and build the strength required to say ‘no’ to a cigarette, no matter who is offering or what the circumstances are.

Stage 3: By now you will be well probably be noticing changes to your health from being smoke free. This stage helps you to utilise and enjoy this newfound health, to better motivate you to stay smoke free. You are encouraged to take a new interest or hobby, maybe exercise or sport, perhaps cooking and eating new foods as your taste buds grow strong (this is great if you are worried about weight gain from previous attempts at quitting). Maybe you might even find the new, powerful mindset you’ve developed can help you to better learn a topic for professional or personal development. This program also includes a large list of resources to help you find the best fit for you.

Stage 4: This stage helps to build on the progress you have ma so far, allowing continue to learn and prepare yourself for long-term change.

Stage 5: Relish in the one moment when you can proudly note yourself as a quitter! This stage will reinforce the steps we’ve completed, and allows you to revisit any that you feel is necessary. At this point, you’ll have enormous self-awareness, your dedication to quitting means you’re maintaining control of the choices you make, and you can now apply the theories learnt to other aspects of your life. Identifying yourself as a smoker is now a very distant memory if but a memory at all.

What are you waiting for? Let’s quit today.