The Importance of Professionalism

In complimentary therapies, presentation is everything. You've studied, you know you can help people, possibly even had great success with friends and networks, but you have a hard time being taken seriously by potential clients.

What people are concerned with before committing and paying for something is to know that you are a real professional and not some backyard operation, which can be hard, but having a professional website and email address can help to comfort clients of the legitimacy that you know you have.

Catch is, websites can be expensive and time consuming. That is, until now. One page websites give you the elegance and professionalism of having a website, without being expensive or time consuming to maintain. Not only that, but having everything in the one place makes it simple and graceful, big bulky sites are not mobile friendly and nowadays are out rightly tacky.

The grace and simplicity of an all in one page gives you the power to lead your customers to the information you want, resulting in giving the results you want.

Easy for customers to follow

Minimal maintenance needed

Provide a professional, expert feel to your business


"Technology is ever changing, since the rise of smart phones, people want sites that are easy to use and tell them what they want, less is more. I"ll be there to guide you through the entire process to give you your mark on the digital age."

Eamon Cole-Flynn

What would the old way cost?

Building software


Email hosting


Site Hosting


Contact or sign up form


Video integration


Over $800 each year,

plus hours of learning involved

And that's just the DIY method, if you were to hire a developer it could easily cost you $10,000

But for a very limited time, you can have an effective one page site that comes with:

A beautiful, professional site

One years hosting

Domain name *

Sign up forms

Social media integration

Up to 5 custom email, no more

Delivery in 30 Days or it's Free

*Domain names subject to availability

Only $247 for a very limited time